Facing Bankruptcy?
The Law Office of Trista R. Christensen is experienced in Bankruptcy Law and is committed to providing outstanding legal representation to individuals facing difficult and severe financial challenges. Our Law Office dedicates itself on professional, compassionate service to each client’s individual needs. The Law Office of Trista R. Christensen will assist you in getting your life back on track.


Trista Christensen

Whether you are facing the difficult decision to file Bankruptcy or Divorce or feel you have reached a point of needing legal advice for any other legal matter, Trista R. Christensen will guide you through the process and will provide you with the most effective legal representation. Trista R. Christensen treats each individual case with compassion and caring detail. She listens to each case and takes the time to answer all questions so that each client understands the process they are going through.


  • Trista I just want to thank you again for all your help getting [my son] and I to a better place. You were so kind during my hardest time and I appreciate it.
    — Joette C.
  • Trista R Christensen is my lawyer, honest, sincere, takes every case seriously, when you need her she is there. I met Trista through a friend, she had no idea who I was but got right on the case and saved my home. Then later on she helped us to file bankruptcy, she supported us through a difficult time. Trista is not just a lawyer but a good friend of mine. She is knowledgeable in all fields of the law.
    — D. and P. Coffin
  • Trista is a dedicated professional who has been my wonderful business colleague in real estate transactions for over 10 years. In addition, I refer her often to families in need of legal advice or representation who, without fail, have been eternally grateful and totally happy with her services. Above and beyond a stellar attorney, Trista is a wonderful person who constantly volunteers in the community and charitable organizations.
    — Cyndi Kilbarger, RE/MAX Advantage
  • Attorney Christensen helped me through a very difficult period of transition in my life. The custody and visitation schedule for my son with his father. Her compassion, knowledge, professionalism and preparation ensured a favorable and fair outcome for my son and I. I would highly recommend her services to anyone facing similar challenges.
    — N. Cook, Client
  • I was introduced to Trista in 2009 from a co-worker knowing I was in need of a Divorce Attorney. I met with Trista and right away could tell that she was down to earth. Trista was always reachable and answered any questions I had promptly. She would also tell it like it is, not what I call Sugar Coating, which is a great quality and hard to find in an Attorney. I felt we worked well together handling my divorce and she was very patient with me since I am a hands on type personality. After it was all done Trista was really great and we set up a payment schedule that worked for both of us, which I was very grateful for! Since we all know that Attorney fees are costly in any divorce but Trista’s fees were very reasonable. I would recommend Trista in a heartbeat again. Although, I know I won’t need Divorce services again. Trista is knowledgeable in other areas of the Law, so I would definitely utilize her services in the other areas should the need for an Attorney arise.
    — Beth R., New Hampshire
  • Words cannot express our gratitude for your compassion, empathy, expertise and professionalism. Thank you for being you
    — C.M.
  • I cannot express my gratitude enough for Trista Christensen and the services she provided to me. Trista handled my case with such professionalism; guiding me through the process with support, compassion, patience and understanding which was very much needed during a time of unavoidable stress. She is not only a wealth of knowledge but also a trust worthy professional. I will forever be grateful for her and the services she provided to me. With much gratitude,
    — Tina Botolino, Arlington, MA
  • Trista, I can't thank you enough. It was not easy for me to seek help. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment. You were professional, non-judging, trustworthy, and more. Your professionalism truly made the difference. Thank you!! Not just from me, but from my children as well.
    — N.P.